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July 18, 2017 / themrtinney

Nice to see you… or… Nobody ‘nose’

Did you know that your eyes constantly see your nose and your brain just decides not to tell you?  Well, that’s the way it usually works, but today, I became aware of my nose.  It’s absolutely paralyzing.

It’s like you suddenly have somebody angrily pointing their fleshy fingertip right in-between your eyes just barely visible, but undoubtedly there.  Also, I’m not sure why the somebody is ‘angrily’ pointing, but trust me, there’s some anger involved here.

So I decided to do what I generally do when I have any strange illness, malady or unexplainable paranormal event – like that time I was convinced my Basset Hound was channeling the dead because her eyes looked way too human and she had a sudden liking for vegetables (Basset Hounds hate vegetables).  I googled it.  By the way, you can perform an exorcism on a Basset Hound even if they are not Catholic.


Google suggested searches – Exhibit A

As you can clearly see from Exhibit A – if you begin to search for “i can see my own” then “nose” comes up fourth.  First of all, this is devastating.  My brain decided to curse me with a known, debilitating issue and can’t do any better than fourth?!  Second, I want to re-emphasize that you can exorcise the dead from a Basset Hound but encourage you to go easy on the holy water because they mostly just drink it and then slobber on your cross.

Where was I?  Oh yeah – we were talking about me seeing my nose.  I got so distracted with the Basset Hound flash-back I forgot about it and don’t see it anymore… but my dog sure is looking at me funny right now.  Gotta’ go get my cloak…

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