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November 7, 2017 / themrtinney

Sometimes it’s just “not chunny!”

When one of my children was little, he or she would get frustrated when an adult, any adult, would laugh at something that wasn’t funny to them.  They would yell, in just-post-toddler frustration, “not chunny,” unable to yet get the “f” sound in place when needed.   Sadly, I am an older parent and can’t recall which one of my two it was… though I think it is the youngest – the strong-willed one.

I would normally ask my wife of all things memory – she has a memory like no other.  She can not only tell me which child it was that had this phrase in their 5-year-oldish mantra, but what the circumstances were when they first said it, and where we were at that moment… which brings me to current.

I’m sitting in a hospital recover room, or post-op as it’s labeled, watching my wife rest quietly, though not painlessly, in a recovery slumber.  She had surgery yesterday that lasted a nail-biting over four hours.  Thankfully, the intent of the surgery went as planned, and we now start the six-week road to recovery that, for her, will be difficult and involve permanent life changes and restrictions but come with life-extending benefits.  A trade-off worthy if ever there were.

For a half-rate writer who generally writes a comedy blog, however, this presents me with a completely screwy paradigm.  I have been with this beautiful creature for more than 30 years, and I’ve never worried more than I did yesterday.  It’s sobering.  It causes deep reflection… but I’d rather be here, right now, than anywhere else in the world.

Life just reminds you sometimes that there are those times when it’s ok to be “not ok.”  It’s fine to be a little beat-up, or even quite a bit, and just sit and reflect.  As I sit here writing with a cloud covered sun flowing into this room, it reminds me that the din of the daily struggle, the one that likes to whisper how important every little difficulty is, I am reminded of a wise little shit who often said, it’s just not chunny!

It will be again one day.  Today I’ll settle for thankful.  Grateful.  Blessed.

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